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The number of cases is growing in which innocent and legitimate animal owners/breeders/sellers are branded as abusive, with their animals and property being taken and lives being ruined as a result of overzealous animal rights groups.

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Podcast produced by Trent Loos

It’s increasingly obvious that so-called “animal rights” groups have abandoned the reasonable mission to end animal cruelty and are on a militant crusade to sever all traditional relationships between animals and humans, with agriculture and pet ownership as the first victims. Although the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have not perpetrated the kinds of crimes attributable to radicals like Animal Liberation Front (ALF), their philosophies are just as extreme.

Trent Loos, a Nebraska farmer and advocate for rural industries, has produced a series radio interviews with John Bolin, who has seen the sinister inner workings of powerful animal rights groups such as HSUS. Insinuating themselves into local and state law enforcement agencies, these extreme groups are exercising considerable control over individuals and businesses. The number of cases is growing in which innocent and legitimate animal owners/breeders/sellers are branded as abusive, with their animals and property being taken and lives being ruined as a result of overzealous animal rights groups. Bolin has first-hand knowledge of how lives are being unjustly destroyed by the dangerous mixture of animal rights radicals with local policy-makers and law enforcement officers. As Loos notes in a recent High Plains Journal commentary:

Thanks to John Bolin who, after a career in law enforcement, went to work for an animal rights organization as their investigator, we’ve got new insight. Bolin taught me that local authorities now actually include animal rights organizations on search warrants and in all legal access documents. This means that, in the name of law enforcement, these organizations who want to end animal ownership now have legal access to your entire place and all documents that may be used in a trial against you.

Below is the Loos’ first radio interview with Bolin. In it they discuss:

•the disconnect between food consumers and food producers

•law enforcement organizations being sucked-in by animal rights organizations with the promise of looking like a ‘hero’ while saving ‘innocent animals from evil and abusive owners’

•small animal organizations are being targeted because they lack the means to fight back against unjust accusations and raids

•HSUS, ASPCA need sensational, headline-grabbing stories of raids and ‘rescues’ to convince supporters that their donations are justified

•animal rights activists will harangue and “bully” local law enforcement organizations into investigating  animal owners and operations that are already know to them

•animal rights groups deceive the public into believing they have law enforcement authority and arrest powers

•animal rights groups will sell confiscated animals and retain the proceeds, often before the defendant even goes to trial

•oftentimes animal rights groups will disperse confiscated animals to shelters that are inadequate, and animals will often deteriorate and die while in the “care” of such shelters

•defendants, even those found not-guilty of abuse and/or neglect, are rarely reimbursed for confiscated animals that die, are lost, or lose their value while in a shelter

•too often law enforcement organizations are inviting animal rights radicals into their operations, giving them “unbridled power” to determine who and what ends up being investigated

•animals rights groups use crisis situations for PR opportunities, and to pilfer money from vulnerable locals and gullible donors

•law enforcement organizations can be trained to investigate actual cases of animal abuse and neglect, and need not allow animal rights radicals to piggy-back on their efforts

Interview #1 with John Bolin: Trent Loos exposes the “animal rights” industry.

Before working for an animal rights organization as an investigator, Bolin had a distinguished law enforcement career working as a U.S. Marshall and in law enforcement as an officer and undercover investigator. This interview exposes how animal rights organizations insert themselves into law enforcement.

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